Avoyelles Grand jury to hear testimony in ‘tasing’ death

To be heard March 15

An Avoyelles Grand Jury will hear testimony from law enforcement and medical personnel who were at the scene of an incident where a suspect died after being “tased” by Avoyelles Parish Sheriff’s Office deputies, District Attorney Charles Riddle said. Riddle said he has received the autopsy report of Armando Frank, 42, of Marksville, but cannot comment on the report since the incident is under investigation. The Grand Jury will consider the case in its March 15 session.

Frank died on Oct. 20 when deputies attempted to arrest him in the Walmart parking lot on outstanding warrants for burglary of an inhabited dwelling and criminal trespassing. Those charges stem from an Oct. 8 incident. Frank resisted the officers, inflicting minor to moderate injuries to three deputies who required treatment in a local hospital, according to police.

Frank was on a tractor when the deputies approached him. The suspect refused to dismount from the tractor and a struggle ensued. Frank was verbally combative and then became physically combative, telling deputies he would not be taken to jail, APSO Chief Deputy Steve Martel said at the time.

Frank allegedly bit one officer and struck another. A third officer was also injured in the struggle. One of the officers discharged his Taser in an attempt to end the struggle.

After he was off the tractor, Frank reportedly continued to fight the deputies, resulting in Frank being “tased” a second time.

At that point, officers noticed Frank’s breathing was becoming shallow and he was unresponsive. A deputy administered CPR while an ambulance was en route to the scene. The suspect was rushed to Avoyelles Hospital, where he died, Martel said.


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