Coyotes cause concern for Marksville residents

Periodically, this area’s abundant wildlife makes the short trip from the woodlands to the municipal neighborhoods.

At the June 19 Marksville City Council meeting, Dr. Darron McCann and his wife Wendy lodged their complaint about unwelcome and uninvited visitors at their home on Cedar Lane.

The McCanns said they are not only having a problem with coyotes at their home, but also in trying to get help from state, parish and city officials.

They said they have contacted the Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries, Avoyelles Sheriff’s Office and Mayor John Lemoine, but none of those sources have been able address the coyote problem.

Lemoine said the city’s Street Department has traps for smaller wildlife -- skunks, raccoons, ‘possums, etc. -- but not for creatures as large as coyotes.

LDWF told the McCanns the coyotes could be hunted by someone with the proper state license.

They said they have contacted two nuisance animal hunters who have agreed to come out to address the problem.

Although there is a city ordinance that prohibits shooting a firearm in the city limits, there is an exception for shooting to protect life and property. Shooting at a coyote would apparently fall within that exception.


In another matter at the June 19 regular meeting, City Engineer Rene Borrel noted there is a washout problem on Bordelon Street requiring attention.

He said it would cost $70,000-$75,000 to build a bridge, but the culvert at that location could be repaired or replaced.

The council instructed Borrel to obtain an estimate on the cost of replacing the culvert with an 8-foot fiberglass culvert.


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