Fireworks may be banned inside Marksville city limits

There weren’t any fireworks at the Marksville City Council’s July meeting, but there was discussion about fireworks.

The council discussed the possibility of banning fireworks inside the city limits because people are not abiding by the current ordinance.

At this time, the ordinance states fireworks can only be popped between the hours of 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. on July 4 and Dec. 24 and between 10 a.m. Dec. 31 and 1 a.m. Jan. 1.

Councilman Mike Gremillion said there is a problem with people popping firecrackers and other fireworks for several weeks prior to and after the established dates. Residents cannot tell whether the noise is a firecracker or gunfire, which increases their safety concerns, Gremillion said. The noise occurs late at night and even in the early morning, disturbing people’s sleep, he added.

Enforcing the current ordinance is difficult because “when police get there, the kids have disappeared.”

Enforcing a fireworks ban is expected to be easier because city residents would know they cannot pop fireworks at any time in the city limits.

There was a suggestion that fireworks could be banned around Christmas and New Year’s, but that banning them on the 4th of July might be an extreme reaction.

The council postponed acting on the matter and is asking the public to provide its input on the issue by calling 253-9250 or 253-9500.

The ban would not apply to the city, which still plans to provide an Independence Day fireworks display following the 4th of July Parade and Arts & Music Festival activities on July 4.


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