Mother mourns son’s death, seeks justice

Morrow Community family asks anyone with info on case to call authorities

Losing a child to a senseless murder is a tragedy no parent should endure.

When the killer is not identified and might never be brought to justice, that feeling of despair and loss is multiplied. Bunkie businesswoman Darlene St. Romain is experiencing that feeling now, as law enforcement officers still have not identified a suspect or suspects who shot and killed her son, 28-year-old Terrell Ford II, in Opelousas on Jan. 5.

She hopes someone with information about the shooting will call St. Landry Parish authorities.“I hope and pray justice will be served -- and be served well and quickly,” St. Romain said. “I hope they catch them and put them away for life, because they took the life of my boy.”

St. Romain owns St. Edwards Funeral Home with her husband, Maurice St. Romain. They live just over the St. Landry Parish line in the Morrow/Big Cane area.

Her son also lived in the Morrow area.


“Someone killed my child in cold blood,” the grieving mother said. “I'm asking if anybody knows anything, please come forward. I'm going to seek justice to the fullest and I'm not going to stop.”

St. Landry investigators said the shooting occurred at about 1 a.m. outside the Yambilee Building in Opelousas.

“There were so many people at the building,” she said. “True, most of them were inside, but I know there had to be people outside who saw something and know something.”

St. Romain said there were 10 law enforcement officers at the zydeco concert. All 10 were inside the building “and that was not enough security for the size of that crowd,” she said. St. Romain said Ford had stopped at the Yambilee building to talk with some friends. His 8-year-old son was in the car with him.

While he was there, a barrage of gunshots were targeted on a few cars at the site.

Ford’s vehicle was in the middle of three that were hit, but he was the only person shot.

“An investigator told me another person was the target, but it was my son that was shot,” she said.


Investigators have at least one name of a possible “person of interest” based on the theory involving the possible target. However, St. Romain said there is not enough evidence to make an arrest.

“That is why it is important that anyone with information about the shooting call the police,” she noted.

She said it is unclear how many shooters there were, but she has been told there were three gunmen involved.

Her grandson was not injured in the incident, but has been “jittery” since the shooting and cries often, she said.

“If a door slams or there is a sudden loud noise, he jumps,” she added. “He keeps asking about his daddy and watching for him to come home.”

As bad as it is for her now, she said it is much better than during the first few days after the murder.

“When I went to the hospital, I just wanted him to be okay,” she said. “I didn’t care what happened or if the person responsible would be arrested.


“When I was told he didn’t make it, I just wanted to die right then,” she said. “I could not see myself going on in a world without my son.”

Since then, she has prayed for God to provide her strength and guidance to get through this troubled time.

“I know I have to be strong for my other children and my grandchildren,” St. Romain said. “The fact is, when I cry everyone cries. I am trying to be strong for them.”

She has talked with investigators about the case, but has been told very little. “For example, I have not been told if anyone has been questioned as a possible suspect,” she said. “I can’t say there haven’t been any, but I have not been told there have been any.

“I would just like to know that something is being done,” she said.

Anyone who witnessed the incident or has any information about the shooting is urged to call St. Landry Crimestoppers at 1-337-948-8477, submit info on line at stlandrycrimestoppers. com, or call their nearest law enforcement agency.


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